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      See More Glass

      R.I.P. J.D. Salinger.

      Let's celebrate this incredible author with a fitting memorial tribute, via Jill Spradley


      Naw I'm just playing y'all "Bananfish" remains THE PERFECT short story. STFU about Catcher, though. Once you turn from 13 to 14 that book loses it.



      He said that the poems happen to be written by the only great poet of the century. He said I should've bought a translation or something. Or learned the language, if you please.


      First Snowfall

      The past weekend: weird, slightly magical, and magically-realistic (if we use Kelly Link as our "magical realism" litmus, so, like, pretty, with fairy lights, but also dark and damn twisted) , and, to re-use an adjective already put into play here, magical.

      (Apologies for the abundance of "magical", but it fits.)

      The past few days:

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      Best Music

      My favorite music and top 10 albums of 2009, at soldout. For the record, compiling this was fucking difficult and I'm still stressing over it now being out there.


      My top novels of 2009

      Over at BabyGotBooks, I've listed my top 3 novels of 2009.


      Just Working On My Novel, Dec 7 with Masha Hamilton and Jean Grae!

      Ok, so it's old hat at this point-my new works & critiques and drinking series, "Just Working On My Novel", comes every other month like clockwork, and in December it is on the 7th.. Or like a drunken clock that's also a new works and critiques series.

      As usual, this is where I put a picture of Lauren Conrad. She wrote a book, so should (and so can) you.


      "Just Working On My Novel": a literary new works and critiques series with drinking, for friends and enemies of modern publishing

      December 7, 7:30 P.M.

      at The Tank NYC (354 W 45th ST, NY NY)


      Hosts: Masha Hamilton and Jean Grae


      How "Just Working On My Novel" works:

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